Friday, July 4, 2008

Using the Kits!

I just get so excited to play with these kits! I have made a birthday card for my mother in law and an inspiring mixed media piece too. I've put more pics in the Flickr group.

Here is the birthday card:I used acrylic paint and glaze to pain the front and back of the card a rich yellow and attached a long strip of the patterned paper to cover the length of the card. Inside is a cute cut out from the Britannica book page and the word enjoy.

Here is the mixed media piece called Far Away:

Here I used the bingo card, which is made from thick chipboard and is perfect for putting some lovelies on it and hanging on the wall. I snipped out some Future Librarians of America from one of the yearbook pages in the kit, used one of the super cute yo-yo's with one of metal vintage buttons, I layered the trims and sewed them together to hang off the bottom, and cut out some of the words from one of the military yearbook pages for the title. This piece speaks to me of woman's struggle for equal rights, as well as my own personal struggles. A positive message to remind me of the past and prepare me for the future.

Thanks for looking and have a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!!!

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