Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Neighbor" Random Word Etsy

This week's random word is "NEIGHBOR". Go say hi to your neighbor today!

I have also put up an Etsy treasury with even more of my favorites here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4bd76e164f416d91e032cf85

Here are the details (left to right, top to bottom):

1. neighborhood tumbler http://dovetail.etsy.com
2. Houses and Birds http://Judykaufmann.etsy.com
3. Letterpress Paper House Kit--Chandler Lane http://1canoe2.etsy.com
4. Houses LinoCut Print, Edition 12/14 Printed on Vintage Sheet Music http://lauraprentice.etsy.com
5. Neighborhood Ring http://JDavisStudio.etsy.com
6. Teenie Weenie Neighbors - RARE -1945 http://wonderdiva.etsy.com
7. Mr. Rogers Pin http://artenergyalchemy.etsy.com
8. neighborhood - philadelphia hoods letterpress print http://LouellaPress.etsy.com
9. Polar Bear Neighbor (limited edition artist print signed and numbered) http://onecreativegirl.etsy.com

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finger Prints Random Word Etsy

Hello and happy Tuesday!

This week's random word Etsy theme is FINGER PRINTS and there are some really cool finds!

Here are the details on the items (from right to left / top to bottom):

1. FINGER PRINT Tshirt Crime Science Tee Graphic WOMENS Shirt http://nonfictiontees.etsy.com
2. hearts on my fingers http://luminousphotographer.etsy.com
4. Brass Thimbles http://theantibride.etsy.com
5. F is for Finger Puppetabet http://thrasherandwren.etsy.com
6. Hand Embroidered Fingerprint Stitch Illustrated Plaque http://Samskiart.etsy.com
7. Walking -8x10- Print http://kassondraamada.etsy.com
8. NEW Thumb print Heart pendant or charm http://fabuluster.etsy.com
9. Fingerprint Sour Lemon Art Print http://LadyLucas.etsy.com

I am continuously amazed at the talent on Etsy. Take a moment and say thank you to an Etsy seller this week. They work so hard to bring us all so much joy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Blow" Random Word Etsy

This weeks random word is BLOW.

I really need to be cheesy and say that these items just blew me away! So so cool!

Here are the details from top left to bottom right:

1. Vinyl Wall Art - Extra Large Dandelions http://janeymacpress.etsy.com
2. Blow Me - Circus Circus Fine-Art Print http://stoopidgerl.etsy.com
3. Whale Love - Greeting Card http://aloucreations.etsy.com
4. And The Wind Blows http://blackoutwell.etsy.com
5. HOOTIE AND THE BLOW fine art print http://boopsiedaisy.etsy.com
6. Bubble Bear – Print http://HappyDoodleLand.etsy.com
7. Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn Colored Print Nursery Rhyme Illustration 1961 http://CinfulOldies.etsy.com
8. Pop Culture Framed and Signed Print http://studio1212.etsy.com
9. Vintage Electric Fan in Blowsey Blue, Desktop Size http://DaKineJunks.etsy.com

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Blackboard" Random Word Etsy

Here is this week's random word Etsy line-up.

This week's word is "BLACKBOARD".

There are some super cute finds this week! Enjoy!

Here are the details from top to bottom, left to right:

1. Say Anything Speech Bubble Chalkboard http://PlayingGrownUp.etsy.com
2. Chalkboard Gift Tags - Set of 12 http://PlayingGrownUp.etsy.com
3. Old 1903 Antique Japanese washi book plate is Kokuban-Ga Kouwa (literally, Blackboard Picture Lecture),July 21, Meiji 36 (1903). http://inkpainter.etsy.com
4. RESERVED FOR CARO - Vintage upcycled coffee table http://PourToujours.etsy.com
5. Early Chain Driven Safety Bicycle PRINT http://ChalkChalk.etsy.com
6. Whale Chalkboard http://PlayingGrownUp.etsy.com
7. Vintage Silver Plate Oval Chalkboard Dish http://funkiefinds.etsy.com
8. Blackboard Chalkboard Bird design http://OldNewAgain.etsy.com
9. Small Vintage Style Chalkboard Square, vinyl decal http://OffTheWallExpression.etsy.com

Oh, and here's a pic of my little Ady-lady at Easter. She's almost 6-months old now and has 5 chompers already!