Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Blackboard" Random Word Etsy

Here is this week's random word Etsy line-up.

This week's word is "BLACKBOARD".

There are some super cute finds this week! Enjoy!

Here are the details from top to bottom, left to right:

1. Say Anything Speech Bubble Chalkboard http://PlayingGrownUp.etsy.com
2. Chalkboard Gift Tags - Set of 12 http://PlayingGrownUp.etsy.com
3. Old 1903 Antique Japanese washi book plate is Kokuban-Ga Kouwa (literally, Blackboard Picture Lecture),July 21, Meiji 36 (1903). http://inkpainter.etsy.com
4. RESERVED FOR CARO - Vintage upcycled coffee table http://PourToujours.etsy.com
5. Early Chain Driven Safety Bicycle PRINT http://ChalkChalk.etsy.com
6. Whale Chalkboard http://PlayingGrownUp.etsy.com
7. Vintage Silver Plate Oval Chalkboard Dish http://funkiefinds.etsy.com
8. Blackboard Chalkboard Bird design http://OldNewAgain.etsy.com
9. Small Vintage Style Chalkboard Square, vinyl decal http://OffTheWallExpression.etsy.com

Oh, and here's a pic of my little Ady-lady at Easter. She's almost 6-months old now and has 5 chompers already!

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