Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Family Portrait" Random Word Etsy

Here is this week's random word Etsy line-up.


There are some really unique custom family portraits that can be done on Etsy!

Here are the details from left to right, top to bottom:

1. Custom Silhouette Print - Father/Mother and Children http://BlueClara.etsy.com
2. Family Portrait http://annajensen.etsy.com
3. CUSTOM FAMILY WOOLY PORTRAIT Needle felted Toy Eggs http://asherjasper.etsy.com
4. Custom Family Portrait http://Demofia.etsy.com
5. FAMILY REUNION original art photo print 8x10 http://Artsy.etsy.com
6. Custom order for joyceheckman http://EmmieBean.etsy.com
7. Little City Hoop--Custom Family Portrait http://LittlePinkHouse.etsy.com
8. CUSTOM MIXED MEDIA PAINTING FEATURING YOU http://MidnightDesignStudio.etsy.com
9. Family Portrait Sugar Cookies http://sugarcookiecouture.etsy.com

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