Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Beef" Random Word Etsy

Here is this week’s Random Etsy line-up where I feature some of my favorite Etsy sellers. I have randomly picked a word and created a mosaic of some fabulous products for sale on Etsy.

There is a contest for anyone who wants to play to make something crafty inspired by the mosaic and the winner will win some wonderful goodies from my shop. Submissions for March are due on April 7th. Just post a link to your forward inspired creation in the comments to this post to be entered to win.

This week's word is: BEEF

Here are the details on these gorgeous items starting from the top left and working across and down:

1. chicken Beef Seafood Tiny Notepads - Set of 3 http://bigfootpress.etsy.com
2. Vintage Farmhouse Meat thermometer http://AntoinettesWhims.etsy.com
3. Chicken Beef http://graffitiscreenprints.etsy.com
4. Beef-Tron No.2 - by Derek Cadena http://twolittlefruits.etsy.com
5. Economy Meats http://greenTraveler.etsy.com
6. Vintage hardcover book Wool Beef and Gold Clel Georgetta signed http://Sassydoggs.etsy.com
7. 1922 Body Builders. Manly-Man Torsos Rotogravure Illustration http://SurrenderDorothy.etsy.com
8. Libby's Argentina Roast Beef packing crate http://tippleandsnack.etsy.com
9. Shower Art -- Meat Rules http://UglyBaby.etsy.com

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Anonymous said...

How very cool! Thanks for featuring my hunky-dude in this very very cool blog!
Veronica/ SurrenderDorothy