Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CONNECTING - Random Etsy Finds

Here is this week’s Random Etsy line-up where I feature some of my favorite Etsy sellers. I have randomly picked a word and created a mosaic of some fabulous products for sale on Etsy.

This week's word is: CONNECTING

Here are the details on these gorgeous items starting from the top left and working across and down:

1. connection no. 1-embroidery in charcoal, pale lavender and mustard http://marysgranddaughter.etsy.com
2. The Connection - - gocco screen print - http://fricdementol.etsy.com
3. letterpress ligature connection http://afavorite.etsy.com
4. Connected 5x7 print http://lauramccabe.etsy.com
5. CONNECTIONS - Genuine Drilled Beach Stones - jewelry components – links http://StoneMe.etsy.com
6. Eloise and Ramona play telephone - 4 x 4 art print set http://flapperdoodle.etsy.com
7. Antique Peter Rabbit Connect the Dots Drawing Book -- 1940s http://ReDid.etsy.com
8. This Is My Bike And These Are It's Parts, The Chain Bone's Connected To The Sprocket Bone, Baby Onesie From TrulySanctuary, Great Baby Shower Gift, First Birthday Gift Or Party Favor, Bicycle, Cycle http://trulysanctuary.etsy.com
9. 6 Small Two-Hole Left-Facing Swallows, Hand Finished Antiqued Patina (CS2L) http://SupplyPusher.etsy.com

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Here is my lo for this great word- the photo of my DD and her best friend " connected" for ages
HERE is my lo