Wednesday, March 18, 2009

April Kit Peek!!!

So, first of all, Geekfest was a HUGE success! We had SO much fun scrapping all day and night! Some amazing layouts were submitted and we had 5 winners! I can't wait to do this again next year! I've already got some ideas brewing!

Second, my big announcement that I've been hinting about is that I am pregnant!!!!! This will be our first one that does not run around on all fours, drool, and shed all over the place. Well, it may end up doing all of those things, but it'll look a little more like us. I am now officially 10 weeks along, and I'm really really lucky not to be suffering from morning sickness. That is one of my least favorite things to do, so I am REALLY happy not to have to do it! I just hope that our little peanut comes out happy and healthy.

Now on to some business...

I have a sneak peek of the April kit for ya. It's up for sale in the Etsy shop (, and if you order it I will have the kit out to you before April 1st.

My opa in Holland is turning 100 on April 8th (GO OPA!!!) and my husband and I are going to live it up in Holland for much of April. That being said, I will leave my shop open, but will not be able to ship out anything after April 2nd until I come back on April 20th.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week! The weather here in Tallahassee is just the most beautiful ever with all of the dogwoods and azaleas in bloom. It is a beautiful time to be outside!



polinka said...

congrats for your pregnancy!! and happy birthday to your Opa (woohoo 100!!). Hope you'll have a good time in Europe!

And the april kit looks awesome!! can't wait to see your Guest DT's creations! :)

Michael said...

Oh congrats on your pregnancy, I am so excited for you...your sight is on my links list on my blog and I check you out all the time...I fear I never comment though....
Congrats and praying for a precious little one for you!

♥ joleen said...

wow!! congratulations!! :)

danilouwho said...

Oooh!! congrats on your pregnancy!!!

are you going to be releasing the kit early due to you not being able to ship after the 2nd? Or is it still going to be released on the 1st?

sweet twee lab said...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! Dani, to answer your question, yes I will release the kit early. I'm thinking in the next few days. I'll send an email to the subscribers list as soon as I do anything so you all will know what's up. Thanks again!