Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Happy Woodland: Using the January Kit

Hello! I was just having fun using my January kit, and thought I'd share the loveliness that I made. It’s just so adorable! I took an old 78 record, painted and glazed it in a teal blue. I arranged the fabric handcut leaves in the kit and cut out some of the leaf fabric to make the foliage for the tree. I then cut a tree shape from the holographic paper, clouds from the gold Hambly paper, and cut up the Sukie post-its and one of the vintage book pages.

Here are some more photos:

I’m getting the February kit all packed up and ready to ship out soon!

Oh, and I added my Twitter posts to the sidebar so you can see some of my random musings. Check out last nights posts, I witnessed a pretty bad accident on the interstate yesterday and twittered through the whole ordeal. Sometimes life can be so eye opening!

Oh, and I just placed an order for much of what will be in the March kit. It’ll be SO cool!!!!!

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Sandy said...

well, very clever!! i love that little project! and yeah, kinda excited for that march kit...*wink*. (-: